The music industry is seriously fucked. So what better way for a couple of good friends, who have families to take care of, waste money they don't really have? That pretty much sums up our faith in bringing you the best underground music we can find to rock your little socks off.

We've always talked the talk about wanting to set up a label, but playing darts and watching horror films always got in the way. Then, in the summer of 2012, our good buddies the Autopsy Boys asked if we'd be interested in helping them out with releasing some of their stuff, and so a pipe dream became a pipe bomb, and 0605 Records was born.

Our main plan is to put out, pimp out, promote and push music that we like. And we do like lots of music.



Wrestling aficionado. Comic reading & Doctor Who watching nerd. Paranoid conspiracy theory believing idiot. Lynyrd Skynyrd are the fucking best rock band ever. Keeping it country on a daily basis. Originator of 'Chav-core', Enjoys jellyfish documentaries and Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. Very likely to be the only human in the history of the world to have a 'Thirsk' tattoo. Long time bad vocalist in short lived punk bands. The greatest Street Fighter II player to walk the planet, I'll Ken anyone. Retired from Backyard wrestling over a decade ago, but the body still hurts.