HandsomeBeWonderful: Vocals
MCDJ MurderDeath: Music/Samples/Synths

We didn't want to sign BLACK SQUAD ANNIHILATION SQUAD, but they kidnapped us after school, threatened our lives with guns & knives, got us all high on PCP, and forced us to sign them. Hailing from Parts Unknown, the duo of HandsomeBeWonderfull and MCDJ MurderDeath make a life from weapon dealing to gangs and laundering money, inbetween writing electro punk and rap tunes, playing retro computer games and reading comics.

Their self titled debut EP (0605 Records 002/2012) is available right now, for free, from us.
6 tracks of nerdcore, breakdance-punk & electro-hip-hop ready to download and listen to on your walkman. Also included is a whole bunch of art for it too. All because we love you.

Download the FREE ep here



Black Lodge Annihilation Squad – s/t Free Download EP (0605 Records)
'Like their labelmates Autopsy Boys, Black Lodge Annihilation Squad are anything – or, perhaps more accurately, everything – except easy to categorize, which gives them a huge leg up in today’s oversaturated-with-boring-and-unoriginal-clones musical landscape. The band bases their music on skittish, sorta dance-friendly beats with loads of bass, killer old-school turntable scratches, and an array of video-game-style sound effects, and top it off with fresh, fast, furious raps that are equal parts vintage braggadocio and humorous backpack-stylee in nature. I’m a bit distant from the current underground in the UK – which evolves on a daily basis, and is difficult-at-best to keep up with even for those in the thick of things – but I’d say that the grime movement has an influence here, as does nerdcore and electroclash. What does any of this mean, exactly? I have no idea. I hate genrefication, and I don’t find it to be ultimately meaningful anyway. What I do know is that I like this EP from Black Lodge Annihilation Squad. I like it a lot. And I highly recommend it for anyone with a taste for originality and a desire to escape the tediousness of the status quo.'

Impaler Speaks - Mass Movement /